Emil Levy is a photographer and director.

Centred around fashion and lifestyle, sport, music and food, his work evokes a raw and unfiltered aesthetic, capturing his subjects in a transparent and authentic way - usually with a candid approach and seemingly un-staged setting.

In recent years, Levy has progressively focused on key figures within the music industry -namely the German and International rap scene, from editorial and artist-commissioned work to live and behind-the-scenes reportage.


In contrast, his photography within the food industry captures both the cuisines and chefs from world-class restaurants for advertisements, magazine editorials and cook books. 

Alongside his work as a photographer, Levy works as a Director and has collaborated with global brands including Calvin Klein, Max Mara, Universal Music, Sony Music, LG, and WMF to name a few. 

Born in Munich and raised in Ibiza, Levy studied photography in Berlin whilst assisting British-photographer Jimmy Nelson at his studio in Amsterdam. He currently resides in Berlin, Germany.


Emil Levy Z. Schramm

Bötzow Strasse 7, 10407 Berlin

+49 (0) 17661999783




Stoever Artists (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)